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Homework Club

17th May 2018 update

A Homework Club has been established at the College for all students in the 5-8 & 9-12 communities.


This will run on Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday afternoons from 3:30 - 4:30pm in the library.

It's a great opportunity to get homework done early and to gain extra help and guidance from teachers.

Light refreshments are provided to all who attend.

For more information please contact Mrs. Marr, Miss Abbott, Mr Hughes or Mr O’Toole.

Victoria Police Visit

4th May 2018

The 7-8 students were provided with a captivating and engaging talk with Leading Senior Constable Andrew Downes from Swan Hill Police.


Students were thoroughly engaged with the topics discussed and gained a new appreciation and understanding for the Law.  

Kitchen Science

7th March 2018

Mr Walsh and Miss James 5/6 students are learning about changes.  Reversible and irreversible changes in kitchen science.


Over the past week they have seen irreversible changes when cooking marshmallows, potatoes and sausages. You can't reverse the cooking process and go from cooked back to raw.

Year 8 Digits Of Pi Challenge

1st February 2018

When given a challenge, the students will rise to the occasion.

Mr. Nguyen’s Year 8 mathematics challenge this year is to memorise the digits of Pi.

It is so wonderful to see every student pushing their limits and breaking their personal bests.

Today, Raffaela Crispo reached the 68th digit in just two lessons, followed by Rodney Talasinga with a score of 55th digits.

We can’t wait to look to see what they could do by the end of this challenge.

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