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The Community Garden Is Thriving

Thanks to the hard work of students and members of the community, the garden is thriving and has become a hub of activity.  Our pizza oven is full operational and with our brand new shade sails, is a perfect place to just hang out and enjoy nature.

The Community Garden Program


3/4A and 3/4B have been cooking as part of their community garden program.

The students had a great time learning how to work as a team in the Food Studies room .


They were delighted to share their pancakes at the end of the lesson for shrove Tuesday.

Thank you to our wonderful senior VCAL students and volunteers, for helping our cooking groups.

Also thanks to Abby Brigante from Robinvale Tupperware for her kind donation to help with the cooking classes.  It takes the whole community to truly make it a community garden and we appreciate your generosity.

Community generosity

Thanks to Abby Brigante



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