Our teachers and staff are a vibrant and engaging mix of long term locals, graduates, and those from far away seeking a tree change.

Our teachers believe that you never stop learning which is why we are constantly engaged in higher learning opportunities such as Reach and other workshops and education providers.  We're always looking for ways to up date our skills and for new ways to engage students in a positive learning environment.

Principal class & Leadership

Sara Broster
Graeme Smyth
Assistant Principal
Daryl McClure
Student Management & Inclusion LT
VCE Physical Education
Stephanie Shanahan
Engagement & Inclusion LT
ATSI Girls Program Coordinator
English | VCAL Literacy
Louise Vidoni
Teaching & Learning LT (Literacy & EAL)
Linda Connell
Teaching & Learning (Pedagogy)
VCE and Flexible Delivery Coordinator
Science, STEM & Technology Coordinator
VCE Biology | Maths
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Community Coordinators

Marjie James
5-8 Community Coordinator
5/6 Classroom teacher
Christine Dawes
F-4 Community Coordinator
3/4 Classroom teacher
Maryanne Leslie
9-12 Community Coordinator
Student Leadership & Student Voice (Secondary)
VCE Maths | VCAL Numeracy
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Teaching Staff

Filimone Afa
Health & Physical Education Coordinator
Health | Physical Education | Woodwork
Lesieli Afa
Maths Coordinator
Karen Becker
On family leave
Heather Conner
Humanities Coordinator
Humanities | STEM
Carlos Do Rosairo
Maths | Science
Stephanie Fang
VCE Legal Studies | English
Debbie Ford
Arts Coordinator
VCE Studio Arts | VCE Visual Communication & Design
Taylor Edwards-Warrilow
VCE Psychology | Science
Rod Goodin
On leave
Bianca Hocking
Parents & Friends' Committee Coordinator
Foundation teacher
Peter Hughes
Homework Club Coordinator
VET | VCE Accounting & Business Management | Year 9 Program
Rikki Johnson
Community Garden Coordinator
Year 1/2 Classroom teacher
Jeffery Jensen
Jagbir Kadian
Emily Knights
VCAL Coordinator
Food Technology | VCAL Personal Development & Work Related Skills
Savitri Lal
Primary Technology
John Mannix
ICT Coordinator
5/6 Classroom Teacher
Bree Marr
On family leave
Jack Mason
Science | Maths
Sarah McMonnies
On family leave
Carmen McMonnies
On family leave
Rhonda McTaggart
Respectful Relationships Coordinator
Year 9 Program | Arts
James O'Toole
On leave
Catherine O'Haire
English Coordinator
Online marketing and communications
VCE English
Ferne O'Loughlin
On leave
Hiranthi Punchihewa
VCE Chemistry | Science | STEM
Janice Purcell
Student Leadership & Student Voice (Primary)
3/4 Classroom teacher
Bruce Roest
Primary Physical Education
Naomi Schultink
1/2 Classroom teacher
Dianne Vandenberg
On family leave
Jessica Vandenberg
On family leave
Tim Walsh
Sports Coordinator
5/6 Classroom Teacher
Sophie Westland
VCE Health & Human Development | Health | Physical Education
Alice Yates
Music | Drama
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Education Support Staff

Our teachers can't do it all on their own and we have a very valued team of support staff to assist teachers and students.

Julie Kelly
Careers, Work Placement & 9-12 Admin Support
Sharon Irving
Quicksmart/ KEYLN | Swimming Instructor (Term 1 & 4)
Nicole Griffiths
Education Support
Dusty Lee
Education Support
Mone Fuavao,
Education Support
Laura Masasso
Wellbeing Coordinator | School Chaplain
Robert Morgan
Grounds Maintenance
Nolene Morris
Wellbeing support | Breakfast Program
Michael Nunns
Grounds & Maintenance
Seona Pupillo
Quicksmart/ KEYLN
Anne Rhoden
Instrumental Music | Science Lab
Rohan Schloithe
IT School Technician
Raylene Smith
Breakfast Program
Siua Taumoefolau
Instrumental Music | Brass Band | Education Support
Bobbie-Jo Togo-Singh
ATSI Girls Academy
Sharon Urquhart
ATSI Girls Academy
Wendy Walsh
Santina Zappia
Quicksmart/ KEYLN
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Our teachers can't do it all on their own and we have a very valued team of support staff to assist teachers and students.

Sue Burkinshaw
Student Reception
Rosa Chichiglia
Janice Dickie
Camp Administrator
Annie Evans
Business Manager
Narelle McClure
HR Manager
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CLONTARF Foundation Staff & Koori Education Support Officers

Our teachers can't do it all on their own and we have a very valued team of support staff to assist teachers and students.

Leon Johnson
CLONTARF Operations Director
Travis Bussell
CLONTARF Co-Ordinator
Janelle Ricker
Koori Education Support Officer
La-Tarnya Burkinshaw
Koori Education Support Officer
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