Current career opportunities

Our Place works through local schools to create the conditions for children, families and communities to flourish.


We equip local schools to become effective community hubs, aiming for seamless integration of high quality early learning, high quality schooling, wrap-around health and wellbeing services for children and families, adult education and employment opportunities, and engagement and enrichment activities that provide opportunities to participate, contribute to community and build social connections.


The Community Engagement Coordinator is exceptional at building relationships and skilled at creating opportunities for families and the community.  They play a key role in:


  • building trust with parents, families and community members in areas experiencing significant disadvantage;

  • understanding and responding to family and community needs, interests and aspirations;

  • ensuring the school is a safe and welcoming space for families;

  • supporting families to be engaged in their children’s learning; and

  • leading action on the ground to put the Our Place model, vision and principles into practice.

Building effective relationships, being action and impact oriented, and a deep commitment to empowering families and communities experiencing disadvantage are core competencies for this role.