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Our Place In Your Community

Students of Robinvale College enjoy the ability to be able to participate in community activites, and get involved out side of the school grounds.  We have active students involved in delivering Meals On Wheels,  and of course our Community Garden is growing every week.

We also have many students on school based apprenticeships, VCAL and VET programs as well as many members of the commuity taking part in student mentoring.


We also offer the L2P Driving Mentor Program available for students and we are currently seeking driver mentors.  If you would like to become involved in any way, please contact Kerri Lovegrove at the school


Meals On Wheels


Every second Wednesday a couple boys from a random year level are asked to participate in the Meals on Wheels programme. The boys can deliver lunch to as many as 10 houses between 11:00 am and 12 noon.

Isaiah Togo (left) and Ben Tuuta taking part in Meals On Wheels.

Mentoring Program


By the end of 2015, the majority of the nearly 50-strong cohort of Year Nine students will have been mentored in areas as diverse as Early Childhood, Pioneer Ford, Sports and Personal training, journalism, hospitality (eg the Euston Club and Nooy's Bakery).

Through evaluations, written and verbal, including those obtained while visiting students at several workplaces, we are sensing a growing confidence in the Program. Mentors see the Program as an opportunity for workplaces to promote their area of work within the community. They recognise that it serves as a means to promote local employment by encouraging young people generally. It also puts them directly in touch with young talent in a manner that can directly benefit their organisation.

For further information on the Mentoring Program, please contact Mrs Rhonda McTaggart.

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