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There's always lots of things happening in the greater Robinvale area, so this is a community hub of information on different events, important dates, meetings and goings on.

If you would like to add your community information, please contact us at

ABC TV - Backroads

16th July 2018

Earlier in the year a TV crew were in Robinvale to get an idea of what life was like when Robinvale was settled, and the huge difference that has been made since.

You'll recognise a lot of faces that are featured in this episode and they all represent our town brilliantly.

The growth, the cultures and the community are shared in this episode of 'Backroads.'

Take some time to watch it, share it with your friends and family and be proud of our little Murray River town.

Robinvale Featured On SBS

If you live anywhere near an almond orchard in the region you would notice the buzz in the spring air, particularly when the blossoms where out.

Bees and pollonation is such an important part of the process, SBS decided to cover the story on 'The Vice.'

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