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  • College Policies
    Administration of Medication Policy Administration of Medication – Medication Administration Log Administration of Medication – Medication Authority Form Anaphylaxis Policy Assessment and Reporting Policy Asthma Policy Attendance Policy Bullying Prevention Policy Bus Management Policy Bus Safety Policy Camps and Excursions Policy Cash Handling CCTV Policy Child Safety Code of Conduct Policy Child Safety Responding and Reporting Obligations Policy and Procedures Child Safety Policy Child Safe Standard 3 Communication of School Care Policy Complaints Policy Covid 19 Mandatory Vaccinations CSEF Policy Digital Learning (Internet, Social Media and Digital Devices) Duty of Care Policy Electronic Funds Management Enrolment Policy First Aid Policy Health Care Needs Policy Inclusion and Diversity Policy Mobile Phone Policy Parent Payment Policy Respect for School Staff Policy Robinvale College Digital Learning Policy Schools Privacy Policy School Purchasing Card Statement of Values and Schools Philosophy Student Wellbeing and Engagement Policy SunSmart Policy Visitors Policy Volunteers Policy Yard Duty Policy
  • College Documents
    2020 Annual Report 2021 Annual Report
  • Education Department Policies
  • Parent Payment Policy 2022
    Parent Payment Policy 2022 DET Parent Payments


Policies, procedures and reports are all important parts of our college.  This is the place where you can find our documented policies, procedures and reports.  If you would like to view any additional documents, please contact Annie Evans, Robinvale College Business Manager.

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