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 2/125 Pine Avenue,    Mildura Victoria

03 5021 2400

Headspace Mildura is a place that young people between the age of 12-25yrs can go if they are having a tough time.


Corner Thirteenth Street and Deakin Avenue, Mildura, VIC, 3500

  • T: (03) 5022 5444

Sunraysia Community Health Services

SCHS takes a holistic approach to the needs of clients and the community with an emphasis on continuous quality improvement and excellence in service delivery based on the principles of collaborative primary care. Services include counselling and drug treatment services.

8:30am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday



Suites 1 and 2, 144-146 Lime Avenue, Mildura

Phone: (03) 5025 5400



14-18 McCallum St, Swan Hill

Phone: (03) 5033 1899


The Mallee Sexual Assault Unit (MSAU) and Mallee Domestic Violence Services (MDVS)

Providing services for women, men and children.

In the Northern Mallee region, centre-based sexual assault and family violence services are provided in Mildura (24 hour response). Services are also provided flexibly and on-demand in Robinvale, Ouyen, Mallee Track, Dareton, Wentworth and Balranald.


128 Latje Road, Robinvale,

 VIC 3549

T: (03) 5051 8111







Robinvale District Health Services

The Primary Health Care team is a multidisciplinary team of professionals who together with the community and other service providers provide a range of services including social work and counselling.

2 Latje Road , Robinvale, VIC  3549

P: (03) 5026 3353

Child and Youth Mental Health Services - Mildura Base Hospital
Psychiatric triage (information, assessment and referral) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Ontario Avenue, Mildura, VIC, 3500

T: 1300 366 375
P: (03) 5022 3500  

AH: (03) 5022 3500

Murray Valley Aboriginal Co-Op

120 Madden Avenue, Mildura, VIC, 3502

P: (03) 5018 4100






Mallee District Aboriginal Services (MDAS)

9am to 5pm Monday to Thursday and 9am to 4pm Friday

Lime Avenue, Mildura, VIC, 3500
P: (03) 5051 0000



The professional care team provide a range of services including counselling, children and parenting programs, mental health and housing.

122 Ninth Street, Mildura, VIC, 3500
P: (03) 5023 5966


Mallee Family Care
MFC provide a range of services including family, youth, children, and  free legal appointments.

P: 13 11 14 7 days / 365 days a year



Lifeline is a national charity providing all Australians experiencing a personal crisis with access to 24 hour crisis support and suicide prevention services.

P: 1800 55 1800





Kids Helpline

Kids Helpline is a free, private and confidential, telephone and online counselling service specifically for young people aged between 5 and 25 in Australia.

P: 1800 888 236

Confidential alcohol & drug counselling and referral in Victoria

For people of all ages and backgrounds




Welcome to Immune Hero – an immunisation information hub that includes a range of credible resources for school nurses, teachers, students and parents.


 13 11 26

Provide advice about what to do if a person has been poisoned, has overdosed, has made a mistake with medicines or has been bitten/stung by a snake, spider, bee, wasp etc


 1300 606 024

  NURSE-ON-CALL puts you directly in touch with a registered nurse for caring, professional health advice around the clock.

Call from anywhere in Victoria for free health advice, 24 hours a day.


 1300 660 068

  Family Drug Help (FDH) provides a specialist service to support family members and friends who are concerned about a loved one’s alcohol and other drug use. Family Drug Help aims to strengthen clients’ physical and mental health and their ability to cope with a very difficult situation.


 1300 367 441

  Child FIRST is a State Government Initiative to help vulnerable families, children and babies. The primary purpose of Child FIRST is to ensure that children, young people and their families are linked effectively into all relevant services


 9594 2289

  The South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault & Family Violence (SECASA) offers a range of services including counselling for victim/survivors of sexual and physical assault, children from the age of 4 and adults, female and

 male. The Centre also works with non-offending family members, partners, caregivers and support workers.


 1800 882 436

  Pregnancy, Birth and Baby is a free* telephone helpline and online service for pregnant women and new parents who have a baby up to 12 months of age. The service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


1800 686 268

The Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA) runs the National Breastfeeding Helpline 1800 mum 2 mum (1800 686 268). The Breastfeeding Helpline is available 7 days a week. It is staffed by trained, volunteer counsellors who answer calls on a roster system in their own homes. 


 1800 156 789

 Gambling Help Online provides supports for anyone affected by gambling, for free 24/7.


 1800 677 402

 Free legal advice

We have lawyers who can talk to you about how the law applies to your legal problem.


(03) 9905 1250

Partners in Parenting:

Preventing Depression & Anxiety



1300 22 4636 (24 hours)

chat online (3pm - 12am)

Going through tough times?

Stress, anxiety and feeling down can affect anyone,

and in fact happens to a lot of us at some point in our lives.




Reach out offers online practical support, tools and tips to help young people get through anything from everyday issues to tough times. Plus, ReachOut Parents makes it easier for parents to help their teenagers, too.




Victorian Department of Education and Training - Bully Stoppers


Bullying is a serious issue for everyone in a school community. It can happen anywhere, anytime, and can have devastating consequences. Any child can be bullied.

 Bully Stoppers supports students, parents, teachers and principals in working together to make sure schools are safe and supportive places, where everyone is empowered to help reduce the incidence of bullying in all Victorian schools.



Office of the Children's eSafety Commissioner


The Office provides online safety education for Australian children and young people, a complaints service for young Australians who experience serious cyberbullying and address illegal online content through the Online Content Scheme. Its goal is to empower all Australians to explore the online world – safely.




eSafetyWomen – Office of the Children's eSafety Commissioner

eSafetyWomen is designed to empower Australian women to take control of their online experiences. This initiative forms part of the Australian Government's Women's Safety package to Stop the Violence. This resource aims to help women manage technology risks and abuse by giving women the tools they need to be confident when online.



BRAVE Self-Help is a free, online program for the prevention and treatment of

childhood and adolescent anxiety.



 Australian Government

Good health and wellbeing are essential for all children. The following links to information and programs provide details on ways that you can positively influence your child's eating and physical activity levels as well as manage the challenges of raising healthy children.

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